Name:David Ames
Company:Zephyr Real Estate, San Francisco
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Mobile:(415) 271-2071
Address:2282 Market Street, San Francisco, CA, 94114
Description:David is a third generation San Francisco native representing Buyers and Sellers of residential and income producing properties in the City of San Francisco.


Without getting too "wordy", one of the best insights I've had over my lifetime of living here in the San Francisco Bay Area is realizing and appreciating just how special this place is.  I don't think I could have really confirmed that had I not traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and Abroad.  When you're a kid growing up in the Bay Area, it's easy to take certain aspects of daily life for granted...mild weather, amazing vistas and geography, the Ocean, the Bay, the City, the People, and just about everything you could need or desire right there at your fingertips.   As an adult...well, it just keeps getting better every day.  We live in one of the most tolerant, educated communities in the country, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

About me...

I've been helping Buyers and Sellers realize their goals now (since 1999) at Zephyr Real Estate in San Francisco.  Although I've sold residential property in every neighborhood of the City, the majority of my business tends to lean toward the "Central Core" of town.  A couple of key things I think Buyers AND Sellers should know about me are the specific background experiences that brought me to where I am today.  For starters, I worked as a residential mortgage consultant for about 3 years back in the late 80"s and early 90's.  After that, a diversion to "outside" Pharmaceutical sales helped me gain a greater understanding of the pulse and geographical workings of Northern California from a working and commuter perspective.  Next on the list was a break from the corporate world and into a life of learning the restaurant business (waiting tables, sous-cheffing, and finally managing).  That was definitely the best "drop-out" and "tune-in" experience of all before deciding to get back to the Real Estate Industry in 1999.  In 2003 I also started a home staging company (with two other colleagues) with the idea of providing an affordable, value added service to our clients and our fellow real estate community.  It was a great success...enough so that we decided to sell the business in 2010 to another stager who wanted to take it to a higher level!  These connections over the years have proven invaluable, and I enjoy having the opportunity to share these insights and experiences with each client I work with.


Norman Modena and Judith Sirota  

We had the pleasure of working with David for over a decade on multiple realty engagements. David has been nothing short of an amazing realtor. He is one of those rare gems who truly cared about our well being above his own sales, and we have always trusted David to advocate for whats best for our family. He also is incredibly knowledgeable, has an amazing eye for detail and is just so kind and delightful to work with.

Shanna Cook, San Francisco  

David helped us both sell and buy a new home in San Francisco this spring. He's incredibly professional, very courteous, patient, organized, and friendly. Go with him to any open house weekend and you'll quickly see how connected he is in the city - he knew about so many listings and knew many of the agents! He's also fabulous with numbers - one look at a house and he can tell you the ballpark price it'll actually sell for (and what you'd have to bid to get the house yourself) -- this is knowledge you'd only get with so many years of experience as a relator in the valley! David went above and beyond, both when he was acting as the seller's and the buyer's agent, and was incredibly patient in explaining everything in layman terms. I wish I could give David more than 5 stars - but you'll see for yourself when you pick him as your next realtor.

Shareen Harvey, San Francisco  

David is our families long time, trusted confident, friend and expert real estate agent. He diligently worked with us to find a home over a year ago that fits our family size and location desires. He listened to our needs and requests, continually researched and produced real estate options that best met our criteria and budget. He is proactive and never required redirection. Every day there was clear and open communication on new opporutnities for us to review. After our initial property was discovered David served as an invaluable resource to guide us through financing, understanding the requirements, helping us prepare for our loan qualification, updating the property for appraisal, and providing referrals for any considered remodel. His expertise goes far beyond real estate and would be an effective and successful asset to anyone's interest in home purchases or any other process associated.

John Cunningham, San Francisco  

David has helped in purchasing two homes and selling one. He is incredibly insightful and professional. David consistently sets realistic expectations and provides expertise based on his extensive knowledge of the market. Throughout each transaction, we were comfortable with David's counsel and confident that he was advocating for our best interest. David exceeded our expectations in his representation and set a high bar.We have bought and sold homes in other markets (Atlanta, Philadelphia) and did not have similar experiences with our agents. David served as a trusted advisor on all these transactions and continues to do so as we check in periodically for an update on the market and our investment. We fully intend to work with David again for any future real estate needs. David is a super star!!!!

Cherlline Garcia  

David was very warm and kind. He was very informative,helpful , and knowledgable. He was very supportive considering we are first time buyers. Responds immediately to emails text and calls.


David was all we could ask for in an agent - we would whole-heartedly recommend him to any friend.

Yoyo Wenren  

David helped us purchase a property while we were oversea. He is very professional and was able to handle some unexpected situations very well during the process, looking over all details all the time. We would highly recommend him as a real estate agent.

Eric Owiesny and Shareen Harvey  

David, you are a rock star both personally and professionally! We could not have done this without you, your help and expertise!!! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!!!!!

Ryan Medlin  

David spent the better part of 7 months and more than 10 offers later to finally find my wife and I a home. Given our lower budget and lower down payment needless to say we were in the interesting part of real estate in the San Francisco City area. Short Sales, Bank Owned, HUD owned, Renter occupied, and the list goes on and on. Regardless David treated us like we were buying a place at the top of the hill in Pacific Heights. He treated every property that we were interested in like it was the first offer. He would in great detail walk me through all the info and walk me through the pros and cons and the upsides and potential gotchas in buying the property. In the end David was the key person in finding my wife and I a property that met all of our needs and he then really impressed us when he walked us through every step of the the closing and his attention to detail was just incredible. I do not think we could have pulled off owning a great property in San Francisco without him. I will recommend him to anyone I know is looking to buy property in San Francisco.

Marietta and Kevin Bernstein  

Hi Dave. Just wanted to say THANKS for your strong negotiation shills in getting the lovely home on Anderson! We will be very happy and having our baby shower there. I can’t believe we have a YARD and a STAND ALONE home in San Francisco!!!!!. And to think just a few years ago…we lived in a small condo without parking! XXXOOOOO

Antonio Ploszay, Tokyo  

My recent buying experience was made especially easy through David! Who could imagine that a beautiful property in one of the best parts of San Francisco could be purchased while residing in a foreign country? David made it all happen and with professional advice and expertise all along the way.

Sarah and Jim Rose  

We've purchased 2 houses and sold 1 with David. He understood our needs each time finding us the perfect house. Remarkably, even though my husband and I were on MLS ALL THE TIME, we wouldn't have found either house without him.

Scott Stocker, Stanford University  

David did an amazing job selling my Potrero Hill town home during the recent down market. They staged the place beautifully and made it look fantastic for the online listings and open houses. David was always available to answer my many questions as a first-time seller and to provide expert advice. Several other units in my complex were for sale at the same time as mine, and I'm happy to say that mine was the first to sell!

Heather and Mike Blumenthal  

David represented us in the sale of our condominium in March 2007. We had a fabulous experience from start to finish. First, he provided immeasurable help in getting our place ready for the market. The condo looked fabulous, thanks to their staging and know how. I couldn't believe how quickly they worked and tackled the project -- there was very little time between our decision to sell and having a staged place to sell. We believe that his expertise in staging is what allowed us to seek top dollar for our place. (And truth be told, after seeing the place staged, we kind of wanted to stay there!) David had multiple offers for our place, even before the first open house. It was amazing to be in a position to choose our buyer, and at top dollar. The process of accepting an offer, getting a sales price over offer in this market, and negotiating the terms went unbelievably smooth. We felt extremely lucky to have such a great team working for us. David is a terrific negotiator and definitely someone that you want on your side. Third, the inspections and everything that followed went extremely well. We were able to close within 21 days. You can count on David to be reliable and to dot the i's and cross the t's

Lou Adissi  

David not only sold my home for the best price but more importantly to me, found the perfect home. He listened to my needs and my wish list resulting in finding my new home in just 3 showings. He made both the selling and buying experience a pleasure

Scott Claypool  

Dave...just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for all of your help over the last year. You have no idea how excited I am (OK, yes you do) to be in my first home. I got your Christmas calendar and got a few chuckles out of it. What you wrote is exactly why I picked you...someone who could keep a long process fun and in perspective (your comments had me rolling!). It was fun to work with you. The guidance was invaluable, and our new friendship will be the best part of it!

Joseph Leake, SF Sheriff's Dept.  

I wanted to convey my deepest appreciation for your efforts and dedication in getting me into my first home. I still wake some nights asking myself, 'how did I pull this off?' My co-workers continue to tell me I pulled a coup to purchase a home in San Francisco. Well, it certainly helped to have you guys on my side of the fence. I appreciate your support and confidence when other real estate agencies believed it wasn't possible. Your professionalism and your organization was top notch. You can join my security squad anytime

Ann and Phil Oravetz  

Phil and I are thrilled with our new place and can't tell you how much we enjoyed working with you. You are the bomb! Thanks for sharing your neighborhood :-)

Edward and Heidi Killeen  

Sorry this proper 'thank you' was so long in coming, but THANK YOU so much for all your help and hard work in getting Clementina SOLD and for such a great price. We truly enjoy working with you and will do so again if we strike it rich and move back to SF! You are the best! Thank you!!

Peter Born and Jeffrey Mead  

We recently purchased a home using one of your agents and feel compelled to write you regarding his sterling performance. David Ames, of the 17th Street office, made the intimidating prospect of buying a home in San Francisco enjoyable, manageable, and hassle-free. In January, we learned that we would be transferred from an overseas posting in Asia to SF. David immediately assessed our needs and began the process of helping us to select neighborhoods and homes all before we even left Hong Kong. Helpful packages of information and documents began arriving in the mail within days. He was always available to us despite a difference of 6,000 miles and a 16-hour time difference. When we arrived here on a short trip in February to scout houses, he devoted a considerable amount of time to educating us about the market, the Bay Area, and the process of buying a home in The City. I often think David intuitively knew what we needed more than we did! With patience and ease, he helped us stay clear of houses that may have become financial pitfalls in the future. He knew ever nuance of the market, and did his best to protect our interests at all costs. David did an especially good job when the time came to make an offer. He guided us through the process so that we felt in control, knowledgeable, and most importantly in this market, optimistic. You might imagine that closing escrow from across the Pacific would be nerve-wracking. Not so, thanks to his follow-up and attention to detail. We would be remiss not to mention the attention he gave us when we arrived here at the end of March. Our personal effects were being shipped from Hong Kong (a six week journey). David went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we had some of the bare essentials available when we arrived...including something to sleep on! He is a stellar agent and a credit to Zephyr and the profession. We encourage you to recognize him for the outstanding job he did in helping buy our new home.

Chris and Sara Anderson  

When we were looking for a home in San Francisco, David was extremely helpful. He familiarized us with the market, even taking the time to explain the real estate maps and codes for the different neighborhoods. He gave us the pros, cons, and history on a variety of neighborhoods and access to a wide range of listings. He helped steer us to the neighborhoods we could afford and told us about the mass transit, schools, and community areas in each location. Once we found a house, he was very responsive and accommodating while we visited the home multiple times. He also carefully guided us through the buying process, which was extremely helpful in this competitive market. We love our home and still receive helpful information from him regarding activities in our neighborhood (as well as tax tips). We were very lucky to have found a broker who is so knowledgeable regarding San Francisco Real Estate.

Thomas M. Connelly, eBay  

David was great to work with! He was very open-minded and respectful of my personal house buying schedule and priorities. He was diligent and professional: I told him what I wanted, and I was confident that I would be aware of any opportunities that met my criteria. He always prepared useful reports and he knows his market. When it came time to close, his years of local experience were invaluable. It really gave me confidence, especially in this market, to go into an offer knowing we were prepared. I have dealt with many agents in the past, and David is among that class of Real Estate Agent that really excels at what he does. I have recommended him to my friends, and will continue to do so without hesitation.