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Staging and Marketing 101: Dining Room = Dining Room's one thing to LIVE in your home in a manner that's comfortable and/or practical for you.  After all, it's YOUR home! 

Now that you're a SELLER, things have changed.  Although this is one of the hardest concepts that sellers must often grasp, the truth is that once that FOR SALE sign is posted out front, their home becomes a showcase for BUYER attention and interest. 

One of the basic lessons a successful seller must learn and acknowledge during the process of preparing their home for sale is this:  It's not about YOUR lifestyle anymore.  It's all about the buyer, now.  Rooms need to function as they were intended so there's no discrepancy as to their purpose.  It's pretty simple, really.  The sooner that concept is grasped, the quicker your house will sell...remember: your dining room is a DINING ROOM.  It's not an office.  It's not a laundry center.  It's not a play room.  And in some cases, it probably shouldn't be the family room. 

Bon Appétit



home staging






home staging


home staging


Even though it seems like the majority of folks these days rarely use their formal dining areas, Every buyer wants to know that there's a space to entertain and have a dinner party once in a while.  They may never do it, but they want to know that they can! them they can.


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Comment balloon 31 commentsDavid Ames • September 23 2010 10:01PM
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