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Buena Vista / Ashbury Heights, San Francisco, CA 94117: Neighborhood Snapshot (#7)


Buena Vista aerial photoAnyone remember the sitcom show, "Too Close for Comfort" that ran on ABC from 1980 to 1986?  Well, if you ever wondered where that red Victorian is located in the opening credits, you can still find it at 171-173 Buena Vista Avenue in San Francisco.  It's a two unit building (true to form as the show suggested), although I can't confirm if the cosmic cow ever actually paid a visit.    A few "cosmic" Haight Street wanderers, perhaps, but no cows (I'm pretty sure)It's also no longer "red". Right next door is the beautiful home of James Hormel (former US Ambassador to Luxembourg).  It's one of my favorite places to play tennis, surrounded by huge cypress and sweeping me, it's sometimes difficult to keep your eye on the ball.




From the Zephyr archive...

Buena Vista / Ashbury Heights

apartment building Buena vista Park

"The Buena Vista Park neighborhood is, of course, named for Buena Vista Park and is located in the area immediately surrounding the park. The homes here are primarily single-family Edwardians and Victorians with a smattering of more contemporary abodes to round out the mix. Some vintage view of san francisco from Buena vista parkmulti-units on Alpine and Walter add to the charm. Perched highon a hill, great views abound. Worthy of note is the abundance of palm trees for a little tropical ambience. The park itself is San Francisco's first in the park system, dating back to 1867. Dotted with staircases, pathways, trails, tennis courts and a baseball field, the park achieved some notoriety during the 1967 Summer of Love. The neighborhood association has been extremely effective in bringing the park to its current child-friendly, accessible status.  To the West of Buena Vista Park sits the upscale neighborhood of Ashbury Heights. This area is known for its beautiful homes, quiet streets and beautiful trees. Proximity to the Cole Street shops and restaurants is a boon to residents, and many properties in the Heights enjoy amazing view."


Buena Vista Park sign



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